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Welcome to our Technical Support Section:

Types of Garage Doors:

  • SureLock is designed for Standard Sectional Roll-up Garage Doors

  • But can be adapted for custom installations in some cases

  • Please contact us as needed to confirm

Mounting Location:

  • SureLock can be mounted on either Side and on any wheel you choose

  • SureLock can also be mounted Horizontally if needed

White Wire:

  • Do not use a Staple Gun (can result in Short
    and damage your SureLock Electronics)  Note: See “Continuity Test” section

Blue LED:

The Blue LED on the Power-Supply only lights upon activation of the Garage Door

Red LED:
The Red LED on the Vibration-Sensor Flashes on any Vibration or Noise

 (You can/will notice the Red LED Flash on any Noise/Vibration in the Garage)

Attaching Lock-Bar:

Attaching White-Wire:

Manual Reset:

Occasionally there might be a need to perform a full reset to your SureLock
This is done by Fully unplugging the Power-Supply from AC Outlet and 4Pin Harness
for 20 to 30 seconds…Then you can simply re-connect

At this point you need to Cycle your Garage Door Opener fully two(2) times without
any interruptions !! – We use this to lock in the Current Draw, and timing of you Opener

Mounting Vibration-Sensor on your Garage Door Opener:

Please mount the Vibration-Sensor directly on the Garage Door Openers Metal
Brackets (The same ones used to mount opener to the Ceiling)
SureLock’s Vibration-Sensor should be mounted “ON” or as close to the Openers
Motor as possible

Backup Battery Harness:

Quick Tip: Snip Door Cover to create/allow harness access to enter Battery compartment
and connect to Battery

Continuity Test for SureLock’s main unit:

Start by removing the “White-Wires” from SureLock’s Vibration-Sensor
With your Voltmeter test the Resistance between the two White-Wires

  • We are looking for 3.8 to 4.2 Ohm’s of resistance under normal circumstances

  • If you are seeing a Short – You need to check the full length of the White-Wire for
    any nicks / shorts (This is easily created if a Staple-gun was used during installation)

  • If you are seeing a completely Open circuit, Check to confirm the White-Wires have
    not been severed

If you are unable to find the issue causing you problems, please don’t hesitate to
contact us:

     Contact Info.:
           Mon – Fri, 8am to 5pm (Pacific Time)

           Phone: 650-797-3047